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About James Wood

James, owner of the salon, has over 25 years hairdressing experience involving a partnership in two salons and teaching at hairdressing college, were he specialised in teaching advanced cutting and colouring techniques. He is also a qualified professional Homoeopath and has studied nutrition and other complimentary therapies.

"I'm not prepared to use products simply because it says organic on the label, there are a lot of poor products out there and many large company's are simply using the word organic as a sales vehicle". "The products we choose to work with are more effective than the toxic alternatives used in most salons"

Like so many hairdressers, James and his team suffered side effects from conventional hair products and colours, such as allergic skin and respiratory reactions.

James began searching for alternatives in order to address these problems and made the change to less toxic natural and organic hairdressing several years ago.

"It soon became clear to me what was making me ill and so I set about searching for less toxic alternatives. What we do to our environment we do to ourselves, once I stopped filling my working environment with toxins my allergies and symptoms of illness disappeared". I wish I'd made the connection sooner".