The hidden dangers of so called “natural Henna”.


Not for the first time this week someone phoned the salon and asked for advice, she explained she had used “natural black henna “ to dye her hair. She went on to describe the allergic reaction that followed saying she couldn’t understand this,

“Henna is a natural product isn’t it”. The answer is yes possibly if it’s red and there lies the problem because, in order for henna to be any other colour than red/orange it has to contain additives. Black henna commonly contains high levels of among other things PPD. Added to this metallic salts, mercury, cadmium and any number of other potentially toxic chemicals could be hidden in the so-called “natural Henna”

Like many other clients I have spoken to over the years this women bought what she thought to be a natural colour and ended up putting on her hair and skin, the very chemicals (in this case PPD ) that she was trying to avoid.

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