Can I cut curly hair?

Can I cut curly hair?
This is a question I’m asked more and more these days, often because someone’s had a previous bad experience but also because they may have read in the Curly Hair Method book that they need to go to a curly hair cutting specialist.
So what’s the problem?
It’s simply that many hairdressers have not been taught how to cut curly hair and so they approach it in the same way as straight hair – the problem is that it’s not the same and in-fact curly hair grows differently, hangs differently, responds differently to atmospheric moisture and electrical charges, heated styling tools and so on.
Since I trained at Hairdressing college I’ve seen the course reduced from 4 years down to between 12 and 18 months and as a result of this only the basics are taught leaving may without the skills to cur curly hair with sufficient skill.
So, the answer to the question – yes I can cut curly and afro hair and I really enjoy it!

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