Hair loss treatments


Worried about thinning hair?

Organic Colour Systems claim to have an effective treatment
question is does it work?

in an effort to find out we’ve decided to conduct our own in salon experiment using me as a guinea pig. So over the next 12 weeks I shall be posting weekly updates as to any progress complete with photos.

National clean air day 15th june

15th June is National clean air day

A breath of thresh air in Cross Hills

James Wood Organics is a clean air salon because breath is life and when you cant breath little else matters!
What we have done to create a clean air salon:

Sophisticated multi filter air cleaners
No aerosols
No artificial air fresheners
O.C free paint
No formaldehyde
No ammonia
No thio-glycolate
No toxic cleaning products
No mould
No acrylic nail glue
Only organic/natural products used

Asthma and Hairdressing Salons
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The annual cost of Asthma to The NHS is approximately £1 billion million. The indirect cost to society, due to time off work and loss of productivity is £6 billion. Ammonia is a trigger for Asthmatic symptoms so why are hairdressing salons full of it?

Healthy salons – A breath of fresh air
We don’t like ammonia. We don’t like the smell or what it does to hair and we never use it. We believe in using natural ingredients that smell amazing and create a healthier, ammonia-free salon that is a nice place to work.

Our salon is – literally – a breath of fresh air to the hairdressing industry. Certified organic ingredients. By using more certified organic ingredients and fewer chemicals we are able to colour hair as naturally as possible.

We combine the best of British know-how and natural ingredients to create hair colour with absolutely no ammonia, resorcinol or parabens. Most of the hair products we use are made in the UK, using organic ingredients.

High performing products
The hair colouring products we use are gentler on hair and lock in colour, moisture and goodness to every strand. So not only is our salon healthier but our client’s hair looks naturally healthier and glossier with radiant colour.IMG_0183

ppd free blonde

So nice to be able to create this colour without any: PPD,PTD,parabens,recorcinol,ammonia, nasty smell, itchy skin.

So nice to be able to create this colour without any: PPD,PTD,parabens,recorcinol,ammonia, nasty smell, itchy skin. Becouse there is no Ammonia and the H2o2 used is 1.5 & 3% (less than mouthwash!) the hair is left in with great condition and shine, something hard to acheive with mainstream hair lightenrs .