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Toxin free hair colour?

Recently I have seen hairdressers claiming that they can colour hair permanently without the use of toxic chemicals,this concerns me because for a hairdresser to claim they can colour hair permanently and effectively without some level of potentially toxic chemicals is in my view incorrect and misleading.

For me in my role as a hairdresser it is a question of managing and limiting the number and concentrations of toxic chemicals we are in contact with. We also look at the possible interaction of different chemicals and any potential effect this could have.

It is of course for each of us to decide what type and levels of potentially toxic chemicals we are prepared to expose ourselves to, unfortunately due to a lack of transparency in this industry it is not always easy to make such an informed decision on this.

At James wood organics we use the minimum toxic chemicals possible and we only use the products of company's that are transparent in their ingredients used, as a result we offer the safest least toxic permanent hair coloring service available today.

Are PPD free hair colors safer than PPD containing hair colours? That depends on the colour product and the individual, currently all permanent oxidation hair dyes require some kind of synthetic chemical to fix the colour, the most effective known to date is PPD how ether some people are allergic to this. One alternative to PPD is PTDS, which is likely to be tolerated by about 50 % of people who are allergic to PPD. The way to find out if PTDS is a suitable alternative for an individual is to carry out a patch test, for this to be an effective test it needs to be done using the intended colour, not a generic patch.