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Article about allergic reaction

This is a link to an article that appeared in the daily mail, followed by a copy of an email I sent them in response.

Hi my names is James Wood, I own and manage James Wood Organics a hairdressing and therapy salon in Keighley west Yorkshire

For the last six years we have been committed to using safer and where possible PPD free hair colour. It was with interest that I read your recent article and I feel the need to tell you that it is possible to colour grey hair without PPD (all be it with a more limited colour choice).

In spite of what some manufactures would have you believe we regularly colour grey hair without ppd, tpd. recorcinol or Amonnia. We also colour grey hair with a dye that replaces p-Phenylenediamine PPD) with toluene-2,5-diamine sulphate ( a substituted aromatic amine salt.) which according to the chemical data base web site, has a hazard rating of 5,compared to PPD with a rating of 10 i.e twice as toxic! Resorcinol has a hazard rating of 8. My understanding is that at the moment the EEC allows up to 4 % PPD and 6% TPD.

When I recently asked a manufacturer of so called safer hair colour to tell me which of their colours contained PPD so I could select the ones without it they I received this unhelpful and arrogant reply

With regards to the PPD/PTD information we are unable to provide a full list of quantities for each colour due to the fact that this is confidential formula details".

Not very helpful! I feel manufactures should be forced to disclose fully what is in each of their products, that way we could make informed decisions as to what we used. The internet is full of hair dyes being marketed as natural alternatives when many of them are at least as toxic as mainstream dyes.

This whole industry needs to clean up its act, the people most at risk are hairdressers who regulary expose themselves to a cocktail of toxic chemicals whilst knowing little about what they are using. When I have tried to talk to environmental health about this they were completely ignorant and showed little interest.