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My New Hair

James Wood Hairdressing joins a national network of hairdressers who are offering specialist services to people who are suffering from hair loss.

My New Hair was established by Trevor Sorbie in 2006 as a not for profit organisation to support people with hair loss in particular to train hairdressers to style and personalise wigs so that they have a more natural look. My New Hair has established a network of 180 hairdressers across the UK, which the organisation has trained in wig cutting. The organisation was granted charitable status in July 2009

James took part in training led by leading hairdresser Trevor Sorbie this not only covered working with and fitting wigs but also included training with specialist cancer nurses.

This part of the training was designed to help My New Hair associates put even the most vulnerable clients at ease, allowing the nurses to answer questions and share their professional knowledge and insight with the group.

This training added to James's experience and training in complimentary health means he is able to offer a compressive service to hair loss sufferers. This includes styling/shaping wigs, most wigs require shaping to suit the clients head and face shape otherwise they look like wigs.

It's also important that people know how to care of the wig, including what products to and not use. If hair loss is following cancer treatment then as it grows back it requires special care, as both the hair and skin can be very delicate and sensitive.

Appointments for these services can be booked at the beginning or the end of the day so as to offer privacy. There is a dedicated website offering tips for clients selecting, and caring for wigs.

We have treatments that will dramatically improve any of the above.

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