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Organic Keratin Permanent Straightening System

It is not a "Brazilian blowout", or a smoothing treatment, or simply a de-frizzer. It is the world's first revolutionary, completely healthy, outrageously nourishing, incredibly rejuvenating, and uniquely permanent hair straightening system. It utilizes cystine, an amino acid, as its straightening agent, and organic plant-based keratin to infuse protein and strength. Organic Ceratin Systems is a permanent straightening system free from formaldehyde, thioglycolates, ammonia and sodium hydroxide. Instead it is formulated with cysteamine, plant based keratin proteins, and natural/organic oils and extracts designed to strengthen the hair in the process. The system straightens hair by realigning the bonds that give hair its shape, so frizzy, curly or unmanageable locks can be tamed while being kept in optimal condition.

Because it is formulated with plant based keratin, it strengthens the bonds and reconditions the hair.

Keratin is the key protein in human hair and nails. Around 83-87% of hair is made up of protein which gives hair its structure. In this straightening system the keratin works as a building block to strengthen the hair. It penetrates the cortex of the hair to rebuild and strengthen it from within.

So, not only are we able to effectively straighten your hair, we can now do so in a way that is safer and leaves the hair in healthier condition!

Organic Ceratin Systems is a revolutionary approach to keratin hair straightening products that has taken a unique and innovative approach resulting in permanently straightened, completely de-frizzed, and incredibly healthy hair. This is accomplished without any harmful chemicals. While most keratin straightening systems only temporarily smooth hair with the curl and frizz returning after 3 - 4 months, Organic Ceratin Systems provides a permanently straightened and de-frizzed result.

Organic Ceratin Systems utilizes a highly effective balance of cysteine amino acids and the purest virgin plant-based keratin to gently and thoroughly straighten and de-frizz any hair. Organic Ceratin Systems utilizes the most natural and organic ingredients available and does not contain any harmful chemicals.

What Organic Ceratin Systems does contain is: